Man Of Clay

Everytime...I work with Clay
a warm feeling of oneness with the earth
gently washes over my soul.
Because...I know that this wounderful skill
that I have is a gracious gift from God.
And...there is no more wounderful feeling
on this earth...
Than to be create...what you dream.

Milo Von Strom

Milo Making Pots

Milo Making Pots
I am just smoothing out the bottom of one of my pots.

Laura's Creations

Laura's Creations
They are every where.
E-mail me... if you have any questions.

Which piece of pottery do you like best ?

Computer Guy

Computer Guy
I spend quite a bit of time on my computer.

Raptor In Waiting

Raptor In Waiting
This is another one of my lithographs that I did in undergraduate school in Eau Claire, Wisconsin around 1976.

Spin And Create

She gave me her heart
and I placed it gently
on my potters wheel,
spinning and shaping it
as I desired.
I glazed her innocent eyes
with a lover's passion,
as I sealed our love
with a smoldering kiss.
She was a shiny new possession
unique in her design,
but then there was another...
waiting for me, to spin and shape;
so I set her aside...
like all the others...before
who learned to late,
that a potters...only true love
is to spin and create.

Milo Von Strom

Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis
I just think these insects are rather intense say the least.

Green Celadon Bowl

Green Celadon Bowl
Looks good doesn't it ?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Poetic Prince of Prose

Everyday we all sit around listening to your beautiful melodious voice,
as you as you boast of your glorious tales
from a jeweled studded thrown.
You look so scholarly dressed in Royal Red
with your ornately carved wooden staff of many heads.
Each carved head is symbolic of a forgotten poet...
who tried to dazzle him with a line of verse.
When will everyone realize...
that the Prince of Prose will not share...
the purse?

Milo Von Strom

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L. Diane Wolfe said...

Well, hello, Milo! I'm on, too!