Man Of Clay

Everytime...I work with Clay
a warm feeling of oneness with the earth
gently washes over my soul.
Because...I know that this wounderful skill
that I have is a gracious gift from God.
And...there is no more wounderful feeling
on this earth...
Than to be create...what you dream.

Milo Von Strom

Milo Making Pots

Milo Making Pots
I am just smoothing out the bottom of one of my pots.

Laura's Creations

Laura's Creations
They are every where.
E-mail me... if you have any questions.

Which piece of pottery do you like best ?

Computer Guy

Computer Guy
I spend quite a bit of time on my computer.

Raptor In Waiting

Raptor In Waiting
This is another one of my lithographs that I did in undergraduate school in Eau Claire, Wisconsin around 1976.

Spin And Create

She gave me her heart
and I placed it gently
on my potters wheel,
spinning and shaping it
as I desired.
I glazed her innocent eyes
with a lover's passion,
as I sealed our love
with a smoldering kiss.
She was a shiny new possession
unique in her design,
but then there was another...
waiting for me, to spin and shape;
so I set her aside...
like all the others...before
who learned to late,
that a potters...only true love
is to spin and create.

Milo Von Strom

Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis
I just think these insects are rather intense say the least.

Green Celadon Bowl

Green Celadon Bowl
Looks good doesn't it ?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Poetic Prince of Prose

Everyday we all sit around listening to your beautiful melodious voice,
as you as you boast of your glorious tales
from a jeweled studded thrown.
You look so scholarly dressed in Royal Red
with your ornately carved wooden staff of many heads.
Each carved head is symbolic of a forgotten poet...
who tried to dazzle him with a line of verse.
When will everyone realize...
that the Prince of Prose will not share...
the purse?

Milo Von Strom

Creatures of the Imagination

Another day,
Another dream.
I strive to understand these vivid unknow images
that dwell deep within my very soul...
images of cartoon characters...unlike...any I have ever know.
But what I like about them that I am able to release them
onto paper with just a swift motion of my pen...almost like magic.
They appear often and are instantly engraved onto my mind's eye .
And as their numbers increase in my art collection
I wonder just how many more will cross over...
from the land of fantasy
in yet...another dream...another day?

Shadows We All Know

There they go again...c r a w l i n g ...up,
n...and across my bedroom wall.
Scary...S t r e c h i n g ...forms
that seem to enjoy playing games with my mind,
as they dance to the flickering flame of candle light. teddy bear and I watch them from the safety
of my grandma's warm patchwork quilt.
Yet...I can hardly wait for my shadowy friends on the wall
to return...tomorrow night.

Milo Von Strom

Warm Dreams

Sunlight shines
on everyone that enjoys and knows
the beauty of the delicate little flowers that grow...wild and free.

Sunlight shines
on anyone who listens to the melodies
of the colorful birds... cheerful songs.

Sunlight shines
upon those of us with kind and forgiving...hearts. will shine on you...also,
if you look at this world with the purity and wonder...
that dwells in the eyes of every child.

Milo Von Strom

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I am one of your many..chivalrous children,
who believed in liberty and faught hard to preserve
our American ideals in a land far away.
Now...I rise up once again like a flaming Phoenix,
from the ashes of remind everyone;
that I still have a direction and a purpose in this life.
For...I dare to give a voice to all that can not speak,
of the cost...of the bloodly cross...that we carrried...
so that our country...would remain free.
America...never forget our founding father or me.

Milo Von Strom

Hearts In Love

Behind closed doors
we met in secret to touch and enjoy
each others pleasures, away from the prying eyes of people
who would not understand our aching hearts.
Precious stolen moments, that went on day after day. I look seems like yesterday,
when we fell in love... behind closed doors.

Milo Von Strom


Sing your songs of happiness...upon the nights wind.
Sing your songs about the earth, water and the sky.
Sing to Grey-Wolf...the universal Father the pent up songs of life.
Songs that were passed onto...all of you
through the blood of your ancesters.
But beware of the lobo...Rufus...for he has lied
to all your brothers and sisters,
about the gift of song.
It is for this reason...alone...
that the doors to your hearts and souls have been locked.
Soft-Step...pry apart the sleep infested flaps of time
and awaken your kind from a millennium of silence.
For it is written in the...Book Of Time...that you will share,
the wisdom gained...from your gifted vision.
Soft-Step...let your meaningful messages echo,
thoughout the forest of eternity...sing.

Milo Von Strom